1.Project Background

Since 2020, under the continuous catalysis of COVID-19 epidemic situation, all kinds of industries have undergone great changes. In order to avoid the outbreak of large-scale epidemic, the epidemic prevention measures such as quarantine, forbidding and keeping social distance have been carried out in various countries, so that the real connection between people become reducing, and the communication in the digital world has become increasing.

Therefore, the game industry ushered in an unprecedented large-scale outbreak, and adapt to the times have undergone many changes, From the original single fun to today's financialization and social, GameFi represented by Axie has proved the success of this change in game financialization.

Nowadays, more and more games have the attribute of social media. But overall, it is more based on the extension of personal social relationship, and has not formed a unified community player with a strong consensus, which slow down the progress of many GameFi projects and the unsatisfactory construction of the community.

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