3. Sustainability Mechanisms for Asgard Community

3.1 On-chain Community relations

In the Asgard Games community, we used blockchain technology to wrote community relationships directly on-chain, built it once, and locked forever. Members of each guild will have a unique dynamic NFT as their proof of identity. Each referral relationship and community identity upgrade will be written into the dynamic NFT to ensure a high degree of stability throughout the community. And through the preaching reward incentive mechanism within the guild, so that each player can quickly build their own community assets, and actively promote the development of the base!

Through sustainability mechanism, thereby technically achieving “You are the community, the community is you; I am for the community, the community for me” The two-way win-win concept, change the previous individual gamefi to promote community development mode of thinking, A stable and sustainable community will encourage ecological conservation and protection. This will help to activate the value of the community from the root, create a new foundation for consensus, and strengthen the Asgard games gamefi ecosystem.

3.2 Dual architecture foundation for sustainable community

1. Asgard Games has a "community + asgard games" dual structure to promote the mechanism, the guild and the community cooperate with each other, work together, one party to establish the basic asgard gamefi ecology, and the other promote the development of Asgard gamefi ecosystem.

1)User-led gamefi community (Asgard games autonomous cornerstone)

In order to allow the Asgard games to fully return to community autonomous and user leadership, all activities in the Asgard games are led by the community composed of Genesis nodes (DAO). The Genesis node can initiate and vote on a proposal for Asgard games’s rule through the proof of NFT it holds. Including, but not limited to, new games on the shelves in the Asgard games, and modifying community governance rules. Each decision of these genesis nodes is closely related to the node revenue and the prosperity and stability of the Asgard games, so the principle of a high degree of user autonomous is truly achieved.

2)Community-based asset core gamefi base (Asgard games driven foundation)

Different from previous gaming and GameFi applications, in Asgard games, the promotion of games mainly relies on the gamefi guild system within the Asgard games, based on a high consensus architecture built by blockchain technology, to lock in community relations. Through the incentive mechanism of preaching in the guild, each player can quickly build their own community assets and actively promote the development of the Asgard games. The Asgard games can focus on improving the quality of the game and the user experience, forming a good reputation, efficient cycle and endless growth

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