1. What is Sustainable community?

1.1 Meaning of community

The essence of a society is a "community."

The "community" has a common relationship, common interaction and common service system, and has common players, common organizations and common goals. Community development is mainly a process of sharing resources, bringing like-minded people together to achieve a common goal of changing the quality of the community, and actively organizing, daring to implement, uniting, and sustainable progress for that goal.

1.2 Concept of sustainable community

The endogenous concept of sustainable community is sustainable development and mutualism. Games or players in the community will not affect the vitality and activities of the entire community because of the adverse development of a game, but can reasonably use resources, and there are new resources to make up for the loss.

Asgard Games will integrate sustainable development into the context of guild relations, emphasizing community circle management while valuing the social relationships of each guild member, so that it satisfied the best interests of players and ensures the potential to meet the needs and desires of future generations.

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