2. Why Sustainable community?

In the traditional community planning, it is through the overall construction of the community to promote individual activities to develop the community. Community planning does not systematically describe the part of community management, only element or individual planning or improvement, and there is no overall system concept.

In fact, the overall environment of the community is the recognition of each community player, so the traditional community development planning cannot fully fulfill the needs of community members. So in Asgard Games, the concept of sustainable community development is proposed, seeking to improve and establish the development environment of friendly sustainable community.

2.1 The value of sustainable community

The fragmented and divergent community policies are the root cause of the chaos in the operation of all communities, so the construction of a set of "value community" as the core, The stable community relationship with the vision and goal of "sustainable community" will inevitably lead to an unprecedented high consensus. Asgard Games can focus on improving the game quality and user experience, and promote more high-quality gamefi online. The launch of each high-quality gamefi will further promote the development of the community, creating a steady stream of driving tools for members, efficient circulation, and endless growth.

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