2. ASG primary role

General token Asgard games and in game

ASG is the common and unique Token of the whole Asgard Games and GameFi, which can realize the output and consumption of ASG in Asgard games and gaming at the same time.

● Get the initial NFT of gamefi

As the only Token of the entire base, only by consuming ASG can get the initial NFT in GameFi and participate in the game.

●General token of NFT marketpalce

ASG is also the general token of the in-game NFT marketplace. Players can use ASG to buy and sell game items freely, realizing the transformation of game assets into value liquidity.

● Participate in community governance

ASG also is a note for community governance. When a genesis node initiates a vote, other genesis nodes can vote through ASG, 1 ASG as 1 vote。

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