II.Asgard Games Planning

Asgard Games combined Gaming with decentralized finance (Defi), linked the virtual experience of players in the game to the real harvest in real life through the distributed structure of blockchain. NFT (non-fungible tokens) played a vital role in the Asgard Games. When game assets are stored in the blockchain in the form of NFT, NFT's non-fungible and crypto features ensure that virtual assets owned by players in the game can have ownership that belongs only to the individual player, just as they do in the real world. In GameFi (or blockchain games), players trading items are essentially ownership of trading game NFT assets. Asgard Games combined gaming, NFT and DeFi effectively:

Asgard Games as the carrier of GameFi, has the advantages of good playability and strong transmission ability. At the same time, the high cohesion incentive mechanism is added, and the scarce differentiated incentive mechanism assets are introduced to confirm the identity value of the game community. At the same time, provide the basis and carrier for the confirmation of the ownership of game assets within Asgard Games.

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