3.Our vision

The emergence of GameFi has allowed the game industry to truly realize the user's right to own game content for the first time, and has quickly swept the entire game and blockchain industry through the "P2E" (Play To Earn) model innovation.

However, from the perspective of organizational relationship, players as the most vibrant existence of the entire industry, even after the emergence of GameFi, there are only passive followers and participants, and do not maximize the value they should have. In the final analysis, there is still a lack of effective organizational means in the industry, and there is no way for players to form a unified community and participate in the various chains of GameFi production, distribution and operation.

Asgard Games aims to bring together all GameFi players to create a player-led, player-created, player-distributed game community (DAO) to re-decentralize GameFi!

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