4.Market prospect

Asgard Games as a product model with strong monetization capabilities in the game industry, will become a new exploration and breakthrough direction when combined with new technologies such as blockchain. Asgard Games as a decentralized world, can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of users to create content. It enables everyone to create content efficiently and unlimited in Asgard Games.

In addition, a sound and transparent ASG tokenomics is a precondition for the regular operation of the Asgard Games. As the necessary infrastructure of Asgard Games decentralized tokenomic system, ASG tokenomic playing an important role in Asgard Games because of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology with "Immutable" characteristics, which can ensure the fairness and effectiveness of Asgard Games trading process to a certain extent.

● The market value of Asgard Games game market is estimated to reach 20 billion in 2023

● Asgard Games total registration accounts estimated to exceed 300,000 in 2023。

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