2.What is Asgard Games?

Asgard Games is the first truly user-led chain game community in the industry, aiming to fulfill the industry gap of gaming socialization.

In Asgard Games, all activities are led by the Community (DAO). Community users can initiate and vote on existing proposals for community rules by holding a proof of NFT representing a Genesis node. This includes but is not limited to launching a new games in the Asgard games, modifying community governance rules, and so on.

Asgard Games is different from previous games and GameFi applications. In which the promotion of games mainly relies on the guild system in the Asgard games, allowing players to promote with each other. The game party can focus on improving the game quality and user experience, form a good reputation, and rapidly expand the player community through the preaching reward mechanism in the Asgard games.

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